German Press

Are the Germans; that is, the German press making Hitler, Nazi references about the healthcare clusterfuck going on in the USofA? Of course not, as that is rabble babble paid for by corporatist minions and the conservative hit-groups.

Der Spiegel sums up America’s latest kabuki dance-a-thon in one simple sentence: Americans Want ‘Freedom to Pay Too Much for Inferior Health Care’.

The lack of knowledge is vastly deep in the public and sphere because billions have been spent to keep everyone confused 24/7. Anyone who seeks fact based coverage through our media hasn't been paying attention for the last decade. And this administration has done little to educate the masses. My own opinion is that wealth care has won out over health care for the foreseeable future. This is a chilling realization as this might be the last opportunity to turn around.

Alas, the facade is slipping as Tengrain's graphic illustrates. He adds,

"can anyone think of a single campaign promise of any significance that [Obama] has not walked away from? Yeah, me neither."

quote h/t Tengrain

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