Dying to experience

I tolf domrone recently I no longer ;intend to music. Thinking of dying, thinking of someone picking out Christian music sent me to you tube today for a sampling of the music I loved deeply once upon a time. I found I still like it and prefer it to that other alternative.



What price health>

Now that I am part of the big C club I have accelerated appreciation for this Joel Salatin quote.  My cancer (s)aren't food related.  In fact, I believe my conscious efforts to eat better in the last decade is helping me fare better in this end stage.

My feeling is; hell, my advice is - what have you got to lose to try this?

Adjowah Redux

She came back! Adjowah arrived last Monday, shortly after the anniversary of Angela's death. I had a wonderful time for 2SOLID days of being with her in good health.  What a relief.  You'd never know I was dying (most of the time.  She's now back in Oakland.  She sent me links to her friend, Blair's several selected spoken word performances below. He is yet another best friend who died young. (2011)
I asked for links. Adjowah emailed . .. On 6/6/13 10:02 PM, adjowah b wrote:
Kate -

I'm back in Oakland - I had a great time visiting you, Kate! I'm so glad I came.

Here are a few videos that showcase Blair's best work:

Into Darkness, my favorite:

I watched, I replied . . . Wonderful work. I love Blair postumously.

Your visit chsnged me, and I'm grateful.

Beginning of the End

Found out I have terminal, non-operable lung cancer. So, this blog represents a kind of autobiographical journal from a brief period of my life. I'd like to say I am going to add posts about what matters to me now, but decline is coming so fast I may not be able to pull that off.