Adjowah Redux

She came back! Adjowah arrived last Monday, shortly after the anniversary of Angela's death. I had a wonderful time for 2SOLID days of being with her in good health.  What a relief.  You'd never know I was dying (most of the time.  She's now back in Oakland.  She sent me links to her friend, Blair's several selected spoken word performances below. He is yet another best friend who died young. (2011)
I asked for links. Adjowah emailed . .. On 6/6/13 10:02 PM, adjowah b wrote:
Kate -

I'm back in Oakland - I had a great time visiting you, Kate! I'm so glad I came.

Here are a few videos that showcase Blair's best work:

Into Darkness, my favorite:

I watched, I replied . . . Wonderful work. I love Blair postumously.

Your visit chsnged me, and I'm grateful.

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