Audio Book and Book to Film: The Botany of Desire

Recently I started downloading audio books from my library. It is another attempt on my part to nudge myself back into reading. I am gradually getting a real feel for the novel again. And, I have also enjoyed non-fiction audio books for the sheer depth of covering a subject versus the articles and posts I have become accustomed to reading on the internet. This weekend I finished listening to Barbara Kingsolver, her husband and daughter narrate Animal Vegetable Miracle. I really enjoyed that book.

One of my first books was The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan. I wish the book had been narrated by Michael Pollan as I have come to really enjoy him speak. His thesis is that plants use humans. Our desires for sweetness, beauty, intoxication and control are fulfilled via plants. He illustrates his thesis by exploring the apple, the tulip, the marijuana plant and the potato. Regardless of the construct, I loved the history and the myriad of fun facts to know and tell about all of these plants. It was a really fascinating book.

This morning I was pleased to spot this post at Civil Eats about The Botany of Desire showing on PBS on Wednesday, October 28. I'm not sure I can view it - unless it is available online. Here is a trailer.

Watch PBS full episode here.

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