Fake Food

I went with my son to a discount store to buy some pants for his work place. I spotted two little kids sitting on the floor having a great time looking at a game or big package. Up close I was really grossed out with what they were engrossed with studying. Fake Food. Tell me advertisers, toy makers, agribusiness, fast food industry are not trying to kill our children? One is titled Farmers Market. Really? Quality of the photos are crap from a camera phone with overhead lighting reflection, but you get the idea. That crap isn't anywhere near what a farmers market is all about to me. Deluxe Mealtime by Ronald with an intercom included. And whatever the last one is about - it ain't cooking - kids or otherwise.


daharja said...

I would NEVER buy that sort of junk toy for my kids. Never.

I think a lot of Mums feel the same way. McCrappy toys in McCrappy Meals is one thing, but that's just revolting.

katecontinued said...

I guess what really floored me was that were three versions of crap . . . kind of like the false notion of 'choice' on grocery store shelves, or choice amongst grocery stores or restaurants or big box stores or or or . . . Even the 4 or so owners of everything we consume - all offer the same sameness. Corporation Nation

katecontinued said...

Daharja, the target market is the poor parent with only $4 to spend for her child's play things. I've been there when I tried to get my kids excited about collecting little smurfs because they only cost $1 or so and I knew I could afford to treat them.