I250: International Design's Invisible Streetlight

IDEA, International Design Excellence Award 2008 went to a Korean Designer, Jong Oh Lee.
Invisible Streetlight emits light at nighttime by saving energy from sunlight during the day. The most innovative element of Invisible Streetlight is that it does not require a support because the flexible body in the shape of tree branch is directly installed to the trees lining a street. Installation is simple in parks and outskirts of urban centers, and the Invisible Streetlight does not spoil scenic beauty of the surrounding areas.

Contact: JONGOH LEE: jojuly79@yahoo.co.kr
Credit: DESIGNMALL (South Korea)

h/t Inhabitat where there are more incredible design inspirations


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's gorgeous! And sustainable! And the combination of form and function...I'd be thrilled to see that out in the streets.

Ecogeek said...

I love these. Love them love them love them. But all I can think is with these not cemented into the ground, they'll all be lost to theft within a week. Every single one.

But then I'm feeling a bit negative right now. I'm teaching middle school and I have to confront A LOT of kids about cheating today.

katecontinued said...

So very sad . . .

Sadder still is that the top VP for the R party is lying over and over and over again about being against the Bridge to Nowhere. And maver-ICK man can open his mouth without lying. Bush has not been truthful for 8 years minimum. The Rovian press and punditry protect and promote this . . . holding nobody accountable.

Ecogeek, what chance is there for your students who have know no other American national culture to think it isn't okay to cheat.

Melinda said...

They're beautiful!

Theresa said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous - a beautiful merging of form and function. I would love to have some smaller versions for use around my own yard!

I truly truly hope Mr. Obama is elected in the US election but I am so afraid he won't be. We face an election here in Canada too, next month, and I fear that our Bush wanna-be, Stephen Harper, will be elected instead on the strength of his finely crafted lies. Mostly I fear that true democracy is dead.

katecontinued said...

Theresa, I don't guess anymore. It is over as we know it (or knew it). I simply will not pretend any longer. I am putting all of my energy into my local community and my neighborhood and my life.

Correction. I still sign petitions, check in at a couple of these political blogs and make comments. I acknowledge that everyone has to come to realities in their own way. But, here at my blog I am just this side of declaring it daily. It is over. This is one reason I pulled away this week. It is a kind of grieving.