L262: Lenders Be Damned

This week I will be talking about love, community and light. But there is an urgency this morning to say a simple thing. Contact Congress.

This is well and truly the Shock Doctrine as Naomi Klein described it in her book by the same name. The federal bail out of the banks is how the financial sector will be given vastly more unregulated power than it already has. I guess there is no limit to greed.

Call your Congress Critters today to nix the blank check to the Treasury.

  • Contact your Senator here.
  • Contact your Representative here.
At least we can go through the pretense of a democracy or at least jam up the phone lines and the toobz. The banks reaped profits, they need to take the risks.

Update: Here is another way to fight. Sign this petition to Harry Reid.

I am not going to write about it because it will raise my blood pressure and it has been covered well in almost every blog I visit. I am so fed up I will make too simplistic an argument out of pure frustration. Here are just a few if you have been away from the news (a good place to be).


Casaubon's Book

Common Dreams

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Another update: Anger is vital as an emotion. It is as vital as any other. What we need to be careful about is how and where we weild it. Don't be ugly to the people who answer the phone, but you can let them know how angry you are at what is happening.

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