Guest Post - Because He Found the Words I Have Searched To Find

This morning I read a post by quixote at Shakesville that moved me deeply. His post carries the depth of experience, of three decades of family experience, that something I might write cannot deliver. So, I wrote and asked him if I might cross post here and he approved.

A Sad Anniversary

This has been hard for me to write. It's part of the reason I haven't wanted to write anything for a while. I didn't think I'd be here at this point.

I started my blog because I was devastated that the US was torturing people. Worse, the powers-that-be were making excuses for it. The US has been guilty of crimes before. But in the bad old days that was just it: they were guilty. The thing was to pretend it wasn't happening. Now they were doing something much worse. They were saying it was okay.

I come from a family that fled Communists, Nazis, and Fascists. (Yes, that was a lot of fleeing and it took three decades.) Maybe that's made me hypersensitive to the ultimate personal price of dictatorships. They are horrible, awful, terrifying places and nobody really survives. You can try to escape with the clothes on your back, or become subhuman, or die. That's all. There are no other choices. So it's a matter of life or death to avoid that road at all costs. Never put so much as one toe on the path that ends in that hell.

There are two hallmarks shared by dictatorships: detention without trial and torture.

We're doing both. We're saying that committing crimes is legal. Is there any way to make the rule of law more meaningless?

At first, I never thought that people would stand for it. I knew there'd be a convulsion and the whole country would reject the lethal disease we had. But instead the shock became dulled. Too many people in the US patted themselves on the back for not being as bad as those other real dictatorships. We'd only put both feet on the beginning of the path. That was totally not the same as reaching the end.

You know what? Once you're on that path, in terms of what happens next it doesn't matter who started it. It doesn't matter if you do nothing. All you have to do to reach the end is not get off. It's downhill all the way.

I had to do something. The whole Government needed to be changed from top to bottom. The people who made excuses for it had to be changed. Corporations, media, education, it all had to be changed.

I didn't know how to do any of that. What I did was start a blog in feeble protest, five years ago last May. I'd never understood how the Good Germans could stand by while their government went to the devil between the two World Wars. Now I know. I never thought I'd become the sort of person who could understand that.

I never thought I'd see liberals making excuses for bigotry and war, just because it was their own side doing it. I never thought it would hurt to remember how much hope I felt that the long nightmare of criminal government was coming to an end. I never thought I'd find out that it can get worse than having an unpopular dictator. You can have a popular one.

Regrettably this is now the beginning of new theme at make-a-(green)plan, Obama: spokesmodel for the imperial brand as I have seen it emerge here, here and here.

This has also been brewing because of other posts I have read. A few of these follow:

And these are just a few amongst so many just recently. Even the fauxgressives had some good points.
Added later: Obama a Very Smooth Liar
John R. MacArthur's last line reminds me of my guest post author, quixote. Being popular and coherent is simply not enough.
Yes, of course it’s nice to have a president who speaks in complete sentences. But that they’re coherent doesn’t make them honest.


Beany said...

There were many excuses made when Clinton supported pushing troops into Serbia as well. My point is that killing is wrong, no matter who is being killed. People need to stop blindly taking sides and evaluate each event objectively without emotions...then blindly following party lines becomes almost silly.

katecontinued said...

The principles of a small d democratic party is what got me interested in politics. Admittedly, I didn't see the myths of this country and how imperialistic it has always been. I read a great line today in an Atlantic article by Ta-Nehisi Coates: I think, when you're in your intellectual infancy, myth keeps your sane.

So blindly - as you say- might also reflect false beliefs or myths based on being taught lies since this country began.