Myth Busting Through Art

Banksy has appeared at make-a-(green)plan and my newsletter and personal letters because I am a huge fan. This recent opening of Banksy work at the Bristol Museum is something I would have loved to see in person. I particularly like that he has taken on 21st century food products with animatronics. His animated hatching chicken nuggets, swimming fish sticks and various hot dogs are really creepy. Banksy doesn't believe in copyright laws, so photographs are allowed and distribution is encouraged.


Beany said...

I love Banksy! I think he/she is a genius and would love to be as gutsy. I remember seeing some mural work done years ago that was out of this world beautiful and thought provoking.

katecontinued said...

Yea! Another fan of this provocative work. I have so many Banksy type projects I want to do . . . appropriate to the quote at the photo.