Quote of the Day

"Imagine a world where women were in control of governments. Children would never go without health care. Corporate executive bonuses and private jets would happen only after corporate day care centers and meaningful maternity leave were paid for. Birth control would be free and Viagra would be priced based on the going rate for a barrel of oil. And by that I mean to say the price would go up and down without making any sense – much like the penis in question."

This is from a wonderful blog by two 83 year old bloggers, Margaret and Helen (primarily Helen). I'd forgotten about them until I saw the link via TPM Cafe today. I get a real kick out of this as I have always longed for conversations like this with my own 85 year old mother. Alas, she is just not interested in thinking or talking or listening with curiosity about these things that fascinate me so.


Beany said...

What an incredible treat. These women are a riot!

I always wondered to those women from back in the day who had all that spunk...where did they go? Did they get beaten down after years of standing up to the tide? Glad to see that some are still around, loudly kicking, screaming and making others laugh.

Thank you.

katecontinued said...

You are most welcome. And, I too wish that Molly Ivins was still around. I believe that there are brilliant, fiesty people throughout the country who are being ignored and outshouted by the distractions drummed up in the corporate media. Only through the internet - it seems to me - can we find these people, hear and see these people.