Day before September 11, 2001

There is always enough money to do the right thing - health care, alternate energy, jobs, welfare, schools, organic foods, clean air, clean water, clean food, livable wages. Imagine anything you can for the public good. There is enough money, so don't be distracted. Shut down the war machine.


Beany said...

Agreed 100%

The homeless problem could have been solved so many times over with the money given as "bailout" to the banks. But clearly there are other priorities

daharja said...

Gee, this would be why the rest of the world is taking its money out of the USA, don't you think?

katecontinued said...

@beany - Priorities indeed, while that top percentage is committing all to full out transfer of all wealth to the top, the USofA is being changed in a way that IMO will never be the same. Today I woke thinking it is vital that we, those who desire sustainable change, have a real challenge to keep social justice and other human rights in our thinking or we will simply have a frugal version of I've got mine - the hell with the rest.

@daharja - I didn't know the rest of the world was taking money out of the US, tell me more. I just learned that Gordon Brown was responsible for keeping the dollar as the world standard for another decade. I thought the switch to the Euro would have happened under Bush. Nonetheless, I know the US Treasury sent boatloads of money for European banks in the latest round of bailouts. Bailout is another word for fraud, bribery, payback, whatever.