The Heat Is On

Well, for 3.5 hrs early this morning it was. I really thought I'd make it into January without turning on my little space heater. But, just before 5 am I felt so cold, despite my 3 blankets and a throw AND wearing a nightgown. Funny thing was, after 3.5 hours I woke with bright red cheeks from being so toasty.

My neighbor and I were comparing notes about this last week. It is like a game for us to challenge ourselves. The best part is our savings on electrical bills. I would live with much greater anxiety in the cold climates. I lived more than half of my life in northern climates with savage winter winds. Will power, extra layers of clothing and blankets day or night just aren't enough. Not just people, but pipes freeze. Death happens.

I would not like to go back to that without a roof full of solar panels, a wind generator, green roof, insulation, double glazed windows, complete caulking and lots of rugs and heavy drapes. What I am saying is it is expensive to live in cold climates. One exception was my daydream of living in an earth sheltered home. I even wrote a short story once with a full description of that home. I still would love to live in such a place. Meanwhile, I give thanks I am in a temparate climate. And maybe I will make it into the new year without needing to turn this on again.


Chile said...

It was a frosty morning! I'm frequently chilled in the house but have been pleasantly surprised by a blanket I picked up last year. It's one of those that can be used as a blanket, a throw, or zipped and snapped up to wrap around with arm holes. It is filled with polyfiber, I think, and is stunningly warm. The first time I tried it, I got HOT.

I now put it on the bed over the blankets and warm up very quickly. This is good because the temptation to buy a heated mattress pad was growing stronger every night that I crawled into bed and shivered for the first 10 minutes!

Warm booties also make all the difference in the world. :)

katecontinued said...

I do well in bed under covers. It is the trips to the toilet and, just lately, the feeling of my cold nose and face. Why would I notice this after a lifetime of not paying it any mind? I think it is just another passing bit of self-awareness.

You'll laugh, Chile. I initially misread the last line as warm bodies! LOL at the thought of inviting someone into bed with me. I'd rather look into another blanket.

Chile said...

What? You're not interested in getting some dogs for those two-dog nights? ;-)

katecontinued said...

LOL - Thanks for those stirrings from the past, 3 Dog Night. I can appreciate that far better today than in the 70's. This 3 Dog Night song, Mama Told Me Not to Come, was playing when I first smoked grass.

Beany said...

Your place does get colder at nights...I blame the ocean. Our apartment in particular is always cooler because we have a tree behind our apartment and in front of.

I am awaiting news of your new roof and thus warmer temperatures next year.

I took Heather's and bought an electric blanket. It is such a cost effective solution. We do have a heater but it is near the kitchen where I don't need it. But the blanket works so well.

Beany said...
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katecontinued said...

You took Heather's? Advice? Prius (for a trip to a store)? BTW, I followed the link and really enjoyed visiting Heather's blog. I do so little venturing out - just like in real life.