As Beany Reminded Me . . .

This image is one of the best ever. News of troop escalation in Afghanistan makes it clear he is on the same track as Bush. I can't see any difference except personal style, expression and look.

Beany and Mr. Beany visited this weekend. Yes, indeed, it was a great time. Beany fixed my computer while Mr. Beany was off to swim in the ocean. They treated me to an early birthday meal at my favorite slow food restaurant. It was so delicious. The time flew and now I keep thinking of things we never had a chance to discuss. I also got some Southern Indian cooking tips and gifts of Sambhar Masala and Tamarind concentrate. I have already tried these in my lentils and I am in love with this new taste.

Hat tip to Tengrain for image

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Beany said...

I did have a great time. As did Mr. Beany. Time just flew!