Waste or Dive

I worked at a local Von's store for a few months in 2005. The waste was frightening.  Serveral days ago I had to pick up some pine nuts at Von's (riding along with my son on his errands). I asked to produce employee when I might pick up produce waste for the elementary school compost demonstrations. She said that Von's does not allow anyone to have the trimmings waste. What kind of country is this United States of America?

Thanks to Wasted Food Source website for California and Texas screening or DVD purchase.


Viralnurse.com said...

I love the video, and I must say that all that food wasted is a crime and a shame, how can they do that? It's not right! There are so many people starving in this world, it kills me to see this.

Thanks for posting such a timely piece.

katecontinued said...

You're welcome. What makes me shudder is knowing this is going on every day, at every store and restaurant all across the US and every other developed country via the multinational corporate policies. These same giant corporations want a cookie every time they mount a solar panel or use better light bulbs.