I hate this country

Enron’s former broadband finance chief received one year’s probation, including nine months’ home confinement, for falsifying company books.
"And so this is how justice works in the USA today, that the guy who cooked the books, bringing down the retirement hopes and dreams of a generation, who literally held the state of California hostage (which helped to oust a sitting governor and install Ahhhhhnold and we still pay the highest electricity rates in the nation), this man gets nine months of home confinement.

Meanwhile, some kid from the wrong side of the tracks in just about any American City will spend the rest of his adult life locked up for selling drugs".

Also . . .
Washington, D.C. – Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington(CREW) asked Health and Human Service (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to investigate why the Center for Disease Control (CDC) approved the distribution of the H1NI vaccine to Wall Street firms at a time when the vaccine is unavailable to most Americans.

Recent news reports indicate 13 companies, including Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Time Warner, have been cleared to receive the vaccine.
The CDC is distributing the much sought-after vaccine to Wall Street firms despite reports of vast shortages. In fact, just yesterday CDC Director Thomas Frieden informed Congress that only 32.3 million doses are available, far less than the 159 million needed to cover those at the highest risk. Given the scarce supply, the CDC has recommended the vaccine be directed only to those at highest risk: pregnant women, infants and children and those up to 24 years, those who care for infants, health and emergency services personnel, and adults with compromised immune systems or other chronic health problems.
All of this is lifted from Mock, Paper, Scissors.


Anonymous said...

i hear you. sigh. i heard the second story but didn't know of the first.
i really can't find words any more to sufficiently express the complete powerlessness we have been reduced to here in this land of "freedom" and "democracy". increasingly, it seems the only "right" we have is the right to lead invisible, quiet, subservient lives.
becky (sorry, i'm a little low today)

Rosa said...

AND the Supreme Court is hearing one of the Enron cases soon too...Skilling's defense is arguing that they should have been able to have a change of venue because there was NOT ONE PERSON in Dallas/Fort Worth who hadn't been directly harmed by Enron, so the conviction should be thrown out.

katecontinued said...


Viralnurse.com said...

I am shocked! The guy ruined lives! Retirements, trust! Incredible.

Just as shocking, is why in the heck did the H1N1 vaccine go to Wall Street? What? they think they can sell it to the highest bidder? I bet! Scare people about a pandemic, hold medicine high in the air and tout it to save lives, and you will have people buying it with their kids college money! For a vaccine, that will ruin their lives at that!!!
Such a dichotomy!

They can have their vaccine...mabye they should try taking it themselves