Buy Nothing Day

 It's that time again in the USofA (Europe will do this tomorrow). I am not sure about the rest of the world. Check out Adbuster's site for more information. I believe in this action in concept; that is, a mass act of defiance,  because it is an exhilarating way to experience solidarity. Sadly, it is harder to get a group together on any theme as we are a nation of consumers - easily distracted  with shiny new useless things. I have not bought gifts on black Friday or any December day for most of two decades, so I have eased into my belief this is an easy request. But, I know better. It sometimes takes some years to be free of obligatory gift buying when everything in this market culture equates love and care with December retail. Having said that, it may be easier this year when poverty is smacking down even the most conventional middle class US shopping ethics. I am rooting for anyone who is taking this step. Buy nothing this day or for the next four weeks. Treat you and your loved ones to a Buy Nothing Holiday Season. You will survive. 

Spotted a San Diego event at the Adbuster website. Love the organizer name, Motivated Youth.
The Motivated Youth
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12:00 pm
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A friendly barter event held to support Buy Nothing Day 2009. Bring anything of value for trade or nothing at all. We'll enjoy a nice day in the park away from the mall.
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The Motivated Youth
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Rosa said...

Group BND activities are fun! We went caroling at the Maul w/ Rev Billy one time, but i'm not sure anyone could actually hear what we were saying (it's a big, echoey place)

I failed at Buy Nothing Day this year - we went to Missouri and forgot to bring diapers, so before bedtime we had to go buy some (i'm open to letting Mica try to get through the night dry, but not at someone else's house where we're all sleeping in the same bed.)

katecontinued said...

Ha! That is excuse enough in my book (or my bed). I have never participated in a BND event, but they do look fun. I am sure people are completely baffled.

Speaking of activism, thoughts of Battle in Seatle today. Would that we might rewrite history a bit - for a radically different past decade. Corporations smacked down, WTO / IMF universally condemned by burgeoning international social justice movement, environmental sciences taking the lead in all news, George W. Bush destroyed at the polls and no 9/11. A girl can dream for a nanosecond. Right?

Rosa said...

At least for a nanosecond... said...

This will be my second year of "No Buying!" I cannot wrap my head around this idea that buying things you don't need, or things for people that don't need, or that you can conceive buying things for people because you think you know what they need or want. Honestly, how many people do you know that re-gift or throw out the gift that was bought for them? So much money, food, and things go to waste this time of year. It's incredible! Then to add insult to injury, there is more depression during the holiday times.

katecontinued said...

Viralnurse, you might want to listen to an NPR interview of the author of "Scroogenomics". It is about this waste you are talking about in your comment.