Leveled and Re-Roofed

This is the 'before' picture of my home when I first bought it five years ago. I have shown photographs of what it looked like inside after I remodeled at move-in, but not much of the exterior. I'll have to get more pictures taken when this rehab is done.

Yippee! After ten months of my own foot dragging, local government bureaucracy (and lots of funny business) and finally with contractor patterns of ignoring all but the squeakiest wheels - my rehab project is under way. Last week the crew demolished my raised bed planter (boo hoo) and cleared all obstructions around and in front of my trailer to get underneath and level it. Level is a subjective term. Really, the add-on was a bit off true, so the trailer is too. What they did is give the trailer some really solid footings and tie-in to the add-on. It was harder than they'd figured it would be.

Today two guys spent 5 or 6 hours clearing my roof of old parts, lights, flashing and pipes before putting down tar paper and a color-coordinated (seriously) modified bitument rolled product. It pleased the hell out of me to see the rust, terra cotta colorations - that matched my homes paint job. I also got two new roof vents to let in air and light. The process was miserable though. The smell of the heated bituman product just felt toxic. It stunk like crazy. I had to go hang out at my son's place.

All that is left is the installation of my two big garden windows at the back of my trailer. They are supposed to be in next week. I will have to redesign my kitchen to accommodate these larger windows, but it is worth it I think. When it is all done I'll post a photograph.


daharja said...

Looking forward to the "after" photos :-) Good luck with it all!

pamela said...

This is such great and exciting news! I'm so thrilled for you!!!

Anonymous said...

"It was harder than they'd figured it would be."
isn't that the truth with every household project! this sounds like a major one with major positive benefits. very happy for you that it's underway. your motivation and forward motion action is inspiring.

Rosa said...


Beany said...

I can't wait to visit to see the after as well.

I love your coloring schemes. It looks gorgeous!

katecontinued said...

How wonderful to hear this chorus of happy encouragement and praise. Thank you all - and you're all invited. The inspector came and passed the first bits, so the contractor will get paid. This should help move things along.