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Capitalism is synonymous with starvation, capitalism is synonymous with inequality, it is synonymous with destruction of mother earth. Capitalism dies, or the Earth dies. Evo Morales

Bolivia is host to the most important environmental decsions being made on this day. Check out Democracy Now all week for complete reporting as USofA media (global north) will not be providing news.
Cochabamba, the Water Wars and Climate Change

Thousands of climate justice activists have arrived here in Bolivia for the World Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth. Bolivian President Evo Morales called for the gathering to give the poor and the Global South an opportunity to respond to the failed climate talks in Copenhagen. Ten years ago this month, the host city for the summit, Cochabamba, was at the center of an epic fight over the most vital of natural resources: its own water.


Anonymous said...

i've been watching democracy now!'s coverage all week. a beautiful and significant happening. on my csa delivery route yesterday i was listening to the audio version of barbara kingsolver's latest book, The Lacuna. she describes frida kahlo's work with these words "bold color with no apology". and i thought as i was driving, that's it! that's the perfect description for cochebamba and the people's summit. the diversity, the colorful flow of people in traditional dress paired with talk of the rights of pachemama, mother earth, with no hint of apology anywhere, just truth and a deep, sure resolve to take this into our own hands, to lead the way because it's too important to be left to the ineptitude of governments. all the way from bolivia, the power is palpable, no?
i hope you're still flying on the banner of that beautiful garden you envisioned and brought to life!

katecontinued said...

Oh becky, I am so glad others like you are watching on Democracy Now. You know how it can feel like you are all alone - the lone viewer.

Love the Kingsolver reference about Kahlo's work, "bold color with no apology" and I'll have to remember that line myself.

After Democracy Now I found a PBS documentary on Earth Day. It left me cold. White men experts for 40 years - filled with half truths, sins of omission and dismissiveness about DFH's and simple truths. The global north's capitalist apologists are getting more and more difficult to stomach for me.

I am still thrilled with the School as a Garden. I have a smile on my face and I'm loving our several spring showers, sunshine and these birds all happy about mating or something.

Beany said...

That is a powerful quote.