I59: I'm In!

I am proud to report that I am now on Shakesville's Blogroll! This is indeed an honor as my blog is a baby blog, only months old. Thank you Melissa McEwan.

The Shakesville blog is filled with really talented writers and is a safe place to post and to comment. I am proud to be a face in the Shakesville photo and now a name on the blogroll. I highly recommend a recent post by Melissa titled, Feminism 101:"Calling Out Fellow Progressives for Sexism Prevents Unity on the Left" as the best post I have read this year.

I am also happy to say that Chile Chews, Step Wise, Elements in Time and Darkblack have all included me on their blogrolls. I value the recognition, the link, the traffic and often the comments from these interconnections.

My hope is that there be cross-pollination in these various worlds. I am grateful for the introduction from them to my internet home.

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