J61: Jump

Jump in front of a moving train? Can you imagine what is going on inside someone to step in front of a speeding train? Two women did that practically in front of my home last week.

One week ago the first woman was reported to have been commemorating the one year anniversary of her father's death - on these same tracks. The newspaper story reported that she and her husband went to the tracks for a memorial of sorts. Sounds pretty dicey. By the end of the week the story sounded more like suicide.

Saturday morning, with the sunshine streaming and the streets filled with people, a second woman jumped in front of a southbound moving train. Her death is reported as being investigated as a suicide.

There is a world of hurt out there. Grab the people near you and hug. This may be another really light week of posting. As with last week, I feel the need to step away from the blog a bit. I will be back.

Speeding train Flickr photo
Local law photo from J.P

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