Q115: Question Authority!

This is the May Day Tradition - a day for labor. This aspect of our American tradition is all but wiped out with unions disappearing. Today there are three groups rejecting the status quo and taking action.
  • Immigrants are marching in the streets - questioning unfair treatment, detentions and intimidation.
  • Dock Workers are closing Ports on the West Coast - questioning Iraq war continuance.
  • Truckers are striking all around the country, especially in the East Coast.
As I wrote earlier this week. The militarism of the country is on the rise. We need to get out in the streets with the above or watch their backs and support these efforts. If we lack courage we must at minimum encourage. Most of all we need to rouse ourselves and be aware. Those with the most to lose are throwing themselves in harm's way. It is remarkable.

Oh, and is it impossible for elected officials - including Democratic congress critters - to do the right thing? Rhetorical question.

But, pick any elected official today and question him or her about something that matters to real human beings - not corporations. Do it today, May Day.
Senate link. House link.

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