R307: Requisite Member No More

For thousands of years leadership had a requisite member that is no longer relevant. May we leave the past behind, please? This is a new day and a chance to show what history has proven over and over and over again; this member is worthless to humanity for measuring leadership, be it in governance, civility, spirituality, arts, science, letters and family life. It is no longer (even if it ever was) the one vital thing . . .

a white penis = Requisite Member No More

In the coming times of economic hardship, the dangly bits might prove useful again.


Along these same lines, Sharon cites some history on her very relevant post titled, Equity, Equity, Equity.

Howard Zinn argues that FDR’s Great Society came about simply because people, acting in response to the exigencies of the Depression discovered their remarkable power - and the government responded to ensure that no one noticed that the ruling class might not be needed at all. One way or another, hard times mean that equity issues are coming to the table.

Go vote.

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