R311: Rotting Food, Rotten Incumbents, Prop Hate Rotters

I have no food post this week. I have been in a funk and disorganized in the food category. I let perfectly good food rot right under my nose because I am indifferent to regular meals and routines. I don’t want to cook. I want to eat snacks. I am single handedly polishing off the small bag of Halloween tootsie rolls. The worms are the only ones eating well.

There is a national rejoicing over finally routing those republikkkans, realizing the glimmer of hope that racism can be repudiated and rousing a nation to step away from the television and voting. Hosanna! This is my favorite sound track to this joyous bright promise of hope.

Despite this good news, my grief is local. Ironically it is the surge to the polls to vote by so many that caused a locally dismal outcome for the city council seats I campaigned for along with many local people. All of these new or infrequent voters lacked information or interest in local politics. The incumbent shills with the out of town and local developer bankrolls, the biggest signs in the most spots, local business-centric media and smear campaigns lying about our candidates – won the votes.

It felt crushing. So, I signed up for November5.org to help me find energy from others to keep building community and consensus from day one.

I am confident that the results of the yes vote on California Proposition 8 (hate) will be challenged with vigor if not declared illegal. It is the shame of this election. Here is where to go to help this fight.

For me Jesus Christ is now branded as hate in this country. Until the day the xtians take to the street and repudiate the hate done in the name of Jesus Christ . . . Until the day xtian leaders demand the haters be condemned for spewing poison in the name of Jesus . . . Until the day xtians loudly and verbally turn repudiate the hate radio and television jackles and shut them down, shut them off . . . Jesus Christ is branded as Lord of Hate.

And you don’t get to be indignant. The Jesus Christ in the book wouldn’t let people put up with calling themselves a Christian while standing by as their savior got put forward as the poster boy for hate.

The food thing will get straightened out, it always does.

Image from Wasted Food Blog

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