Read the Bill

Read The Bill from Sunlight Foundation on Vimeo.

At the website you can sign the petition. See, I have said before that I want congress members who will give their lives to our democracy. Why should we expect that those who join the military (especially those who have no viable opportunities for a way out of poverty besides the military) should give a life and we don't expect it of our well paid legislators? So, if we take risking one's life off the table we can at least expect these well paid people to be willing to read. If they are old or infirm I'd suggest a nap while a bill is being printed. That way, a well rested representative or senator might be refreshed enough to do the job they were elected to do.

Similarly, it wouldn't damage any of us to spend the time we might have normally used going to a shopping mall, a movie or other consumer activity or to church - to be a citizen. The very first bill HR1, of an era we all hoped would mean change, is now at our fingertips. Imagine this never before transparency and accessibility! Read it. I will too and come back here to post an update or a comment.

2009: Let the Sun Shine on our legislation and legislators. (I had to control my reflexive fingertips from typing congress critters).

Don't forget Rule No. 6! I have decided that when I look at the bill I am going to allow myself the pleasure of envisioning people being supported, empowered and assisted by what is inside HR1 - a happy read of fulfillment. My first glances did trigger a smile or two. It is a we not me vantage point.

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