Beth taking no-plastic living mainstream

Beth Terry of Fake Plastic Fish made a video letter to Oprah to appeal to her work to inform us all about living more mindfully - without plastic. I have been reading Beth's blog since its inception and find her full disclosure and boundless energy inspiring. She has helped me rid myself of most plastic. I even mailed Beth a Britta filter last year. I am personally mostly down to bread bags, some cellophane wrappers from cheese and the occasional yogurt plastic cup. Gradually in the last 2 years I've have been getting rid of existing plastic packaging from when I started. I made a trash dummy last year to hold my plastic waste. Maybe I should do that again using burlap or clear plastic?

Confession, I have a bunch of plastic food containers and water containers. In my imagination I have changed all of these to glass or stainless steel. What is most important in my priorities is what comes into my home now. Aside from how I deal with disposing of my household plastic from the past is no longer an issue, damage is done.

I hope Oprah views this video and gives Beth some exposure to that gigantic audience.

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