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Rosalux said...

Thinking about you today, just wanted to let you know.

How's it going in there?

katecontinued said...

All is well. I have been on 'vacation' at my son's. He lives about a hundred feet from me, but he is out of town and I am sleeping there. I watch his cat and television. I gave up my television service over a year ago (3/27). I regularly watch programs with online streaming. But that is so different. I can watch at any time. I can stop something and start over, play solitare and/or turn down the sound when a commercial break happens (rarer and shorter than with DirecTV) and be in more control. At my sons, I am struck by how captive to the crap that is pumped out on dozens of channels all day. The ads are vile and misogynist as hell. Most of all I rage at how dumbed down everything is. It is a real study.

I've enjoyed the cat though and the king size bed.

This is the oddest year. It is far less satisfying because it isn't going according to plan, yet I feel more accepting of myself than I would have imagined. Thanks you for your thoughts. It means a great deal to keep connections.

Rosa said...

It is good, and I'm bad at it.

I used to love it when we'd stay at a hotel and there was cable, or after I moved away from home and my mom got cable, when I'd visit her house.

But...two years ago I think, Christmas, we were in the hotel with Mica, and once you cut out the violent shows and things where the *ads* in the show are violent...there's nothing left to watch.

I ordered the CD with this song on it because they play it on KFAI and I'd been walking around singing just two lines from it. I wish I could recreate the rhythm, it's so second-line, Kris Delmhorst's voice is like a really jaunty alto sax:

Everything is Music
lyrics adapted from Rumi, "Where Everything Is Music"

We've come to the place where everything is music
Everything is music, let it play.

Why do you stay in jail when the door is wide open?
Let the beauty that you love be what you do.

Stop talking now, open up the window
The one right there in the middle of your heart
Give us your hands, sit down in this circle
You know you got no need to keep yourself apart

Today you wake up sad and empty, don't go back to sleep.
There's a million ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

Don't worry now, about saving all these songs,
There's so many more just waiting to be found.
And if all these instruments should disappear
We would still hear something coming up from way down in the ground

Because we've come to the place where everything is music
Everything is music, let it play.

katecontinued said...

Beautiful . . .