2008 Quote of the Year

While watching the TED talk recommended by Ecogeek in comments I was reminded of the following gem:

"Imagine this design assignment: design something that makes oxygen, sequesters carbon, fixes nitrogen, distills water, accrues solar energy as fuel and makes complex sugars as food, creates microclimates, changes colors with the seasons and self-replicates . . .
why don't we knock that down and write on it?"

William McDonough of Cradle to Cradle fame, at TED

or to be more crass . . .
Why don't we knock that down and wipe our butts with it.

I debated using this image as I can't find the source. I thought it was Hecate, but I can't track it down. It was so perfect I have gone ahead sans credit. Please let me know if you know more.

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Ecogeek said...

Very cool image.

That was also one of the quotes I latched onto and had to share with my friends. That and, "If you need an illustration of design humility, consider this: It took us 5,000 years to put wheels on our luggage."