Late 70's

Story telling about my daughter's life of 19 short years, I started a recollection thread, a series of posts looking at my life with Angel that ended twenty years ago - May 31, 1989.
1977 and 1978 were exceptionally good years in our lives. Note that Angela still loved the Osh Kosh B’Gosh overalls as much as she did in kindergarten.

We were all healthy, plus the wasbund and I were employed and making enough money to warrant a vacation for the first time ever. The kids were happy with their friends, sitters and family.

Angela excelled in school and was well liked by her teachers and classmates. I'd ventured into that world a bit by becoming a PTA board member. I moved from working with the mentally retarded children to working with boys and girls in the Camp Fire Girls newly branded ‘Camp Fire Kids’ experiment. Listen, I’d gone to Camp Fire Girls Camp for 12 years straight and loved the program. (I still believe it is a superior program to the militarist slant of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.) I really loved writing pilot programs for all kinds of new approaches ranging from an after school ecology group to a program pairing elderly women with young girls called Herstory - for the older women to share their Camp Fire Girl experiences of 50 plus years ago. These were just 2 of the many programs we wrote and tested.
I was also a Bluebird leader for Angela’s group. I felt closer than I had ever been in Angela’s life.

We did indeed travel to Anaheim, CA, to visit wasbund’s family and Disneyland. This was followed by a road trip up the coast highway - the same one I now live beside - to end up in San Francisco. Angela was in heaven. She loved the ocean, she loved Disneyland and she was a good traveler. Her little brother did well too as a little pre-school kid, throwing himself with all of his being at each outing, each adventure.

When I walk on the beaches in these last five years, I often picture Angela from that trip's photos or from memory and how much she loved the ocean's shore. I once wrote a story where she was a mermaid in a portion of the fantasy. She loved that part.

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