What do you make?

This YouTube of Taylor Mali (?) is titled what teachers make via The Quaker Agitator.

I have been thinking about making a difference all day today. Musing about what I am doing and what I want my life to be after re-reading for the umpteenth time the following quotation:
"You must live in your school. Your house and land you live on must be the school. You are always the teacher and always the student. You must do everything possible to educate yourself about life, the world, yourself, and most importantly, the connections between everything. You must have many people visit the school, and much solitude and silence to reflect on things. You must start this school now. It must be your life."- James Neill

Musing thoughts of my mother as I included the quote in my weekly letter to her. She was an elementary school teacher before I was born and until I was in 2nd grade. My best friend through the years taught dance (and still teaches this one last year). I was thinking about the local city councilmen being from corrupt and parasitic industries like health insurance and a major telecom, but the two more progressive and people-centered councilwomen came from teaching and communications coordination.

Make-a-(green) plan is devoid of plans and generating posts during this phase of school. Ahem. It is more like make-an-amalgamation of sustainability and social justice blog. Just sayin' . . . Anyway, the video moves me.

via Shakesville

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