O287: Overthowing Our Democracy

It strikes me as a sign of our times that we are being manipulated constantly by fear, but what we should most be afraid of is ignored wholesale, across the board in most all media and the blogs. I wrote a lengthy comment at One Green Generation about Fear, without broaching this very real fear of mine.

Naomi Wolf speaks of the police state we now live within.

Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps by Naomi Wolf, printed in the Gurardian.

This week on Democracy Now, Amy Goodman presents the story of 15 arrested outside of the presidential debates. Iraq veterans against the war were bloodied among others. Also on Democracy Now, Is Posse Commitatus Dead? US Troops on the Streets.

I am as guilty as anyone for viewing Bush as incompetent, a drunk or stupid. His administration has effectively dismantled our system of government and shredded the constitution. Even this week as he is mugging for the cameras and acting like a boof, he is busy signing away more rights for citizens while granting greater powers for himself and continuing to defy the congressional powers named in the constitution by ignoring Senator Waxman's oversight committee demands.

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