P292: Palin Parrot

Monty Python could have written this.


Chile said...

I love Cleese. He's spot on with this observation.

Beany said...

That was brilliant! I think that that's what we're essentially voting for: a message that appeals to each one us. I don't think a president can really effect much change, but a president with a group of powerful people who agree with him and have their hands in various buckets can. It seems that both parties are trying to just allienate the other side or piss them off in some manner without any consideration toward long term solutions to problems the world or US residents are facing. And its very sad.

On the bright side, I'm reading Seutonius' The Twelve Caesars and am ever grateful that I wasn't alive during Tiberius' or Caligula's reigns.

katecontinued said...

Chile, I had hoped others were with me on this one. I love the bit about lining up Europeans of every political bent and they would agree.

Beany, now that is welcome . . . some perspective.