Q302: Qualifies As Green Halloween

Thirty years ago my daughter went Trick or Treating as a Green Crayon. I was reminded of this while photo purging Monday. Though we weren’t aiming for green back then, I am crazy about this idea today.

Actually, this costume was really in keeping with sustainability. It was reused from an older cousin. Yes, my sister-in-law made it in the first place and passed it on for Angel. I hope I passed it on to someone else. As I recall, her brother wasn’t interested. Anyway, the child can dress really warmly, just requiring the color green. The crayola label is an art project that can be retired to the compost pile. The hat was foam, but green fabric with stiffened lining (even chipboard or cardboard) could be used. All together this could be free except for a few art supplies. A bunch of friends or siblings might have fun as a group of different colored crayons.

I had this idea after finding Angel’s picture. You could take a digital photo of each kid or group of kids against a backdrop you have created (really scary would be great). Then, turn and put the dealy bob (disk, cd whatever) to your computer / printer and make an instant print. Shove this into a little cardboard frame and hand it over. If it is a group, just make multiples.

Some neighborhoods have crowds of kids that all seem to hit at once. This could be a real pain. If your trick or treaters are all neighborhood kids known to you, it would be pretty simple to just hand out a little ticket that tells them to come back (later, next day?) for their picture.

Maybe the kid will be disappointed, maybe not. But, I am pretty confident the parents will be delighted. I love this shot of Angel even if the quality of the print sucks.

From Treeehugger . . . Halloween costumes that would truly be scary to greenies.
  • Safari Hunter
  • Grocery Bag(s)
  • Sushi
  • Lumberjack
  • Gas Pump
  • Steak
  • Cow With Whoopee Cushion
I would add
  • Coal
Seriously, this is nothing I could do - even if there were kids who came to my place on Halloween. The cost of it is out of the question. Yet, in reading other sites, I surmised that there are a lot of people in this movement who can afford something like this. Just a thought . . .

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Rosa said...

That's an adorable picture, thank you for sharing it & the directions for the costume.

My dad usually made our costumes, so we were generally box-shaped things - car, refrigerator, animal in a cage. Crayon would fit right in there.

Mica has a really easy costume - a too-big green shirt with a wide brown belt, and brown sweatpants, and a green stocking hat (it's the arm of a thrift store sweater). It's an elf or Robin Hood, depending who looks at it. The shirt may not get handed down because he's been wearing it for two weeks and it's got some paint stains, but it was thrifted to start with, so whatever.

Happy Halloween, and may the ghosts that speak to you on Samhain be the voices of love and survival.