Y359: YMCA

A nation of sheep. I remember how hilarious I thought it was that in 1978 an entire nation of Christian folks fell in love and sang along with half a dozen gay men celebrating the YMCA as a meeting place. Children, parents, old people at millions of Christian weddings jumped off their chairs and danced while singing along with the Village People. I know, I was at these functions and what part of it all in middle America. I was one of the sheeple and had a good laugh at myself several years later when I woke up and realized what the fuck the joke was. Would anyone like to guess what these same middle class adults would have said in 1978 if asked what they thought about gay marriage?

These people (my peeps) are suffering more and more in this country. But, I am lately feeling in agreement with Dark Wraith who writes the following about the sheeple of the middle class:
This is a middle class whose members think their civic duty to the body politic is to the extent of maybe voting in this or that election and then washing their hands of further, on-going, vigilant watch and action over the stewards they elect to lead them.

Yes, this American middle class is suffering; and yes, some members of that middle class—especially the young—do not deserve what is happening to them.

Perhaps those who do not deserve it, including the young lambs being led with their parents to the collective slaughter, should take up the matter with the many who do deserve it.

Live like sheep; bleat like sheep.

The silence of the lambs is, nonetheless, deafening.

We live in a land of Free Dumb and we are slowly dying from it.

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