Z364: Zany Food

More Playing with Your Food . . . to make completely edible googly eyes. As you do.
Also, because it is my birthday week I still want to crack myself up despite world and national news. Here is to the flying spaghetti monster via Windell H. Oskay, www.evilmadscientist.com with a very precise step-by-step for using empty capsules found at health food departments and little candies inside. I love the idea here, but felt that even the spaghetti monster looked great, it was essentially ramen noodles, marshmallow and other uninviting tastes.

For vegans, he points out that a non-gelatin capsule is available for more money. And if you aren't using marshmallow as a glue? A commenter suggested the following adhesive:
Have you tried making a 'glue' backing for the amazing googly eyes out of meringue? If I remember correctly, it's not greasy and dries to a nice, firm consistency. It is possible that one could even construct the eyes on wax paper or the like, and apply them later to whatever surface presented itself...

Vegans will have to search further or simply choose a food like I have illustrated below in lieu of needing to glue.

I found a contest run by Amy Sedaris for googly eye entries at Flickr's Googly EyePool.

A few of my favorites had food I’d not only like to eat, it is food that I would have on hand. by adding eyes, etc. - instant party food. Some are made with the non-edible eyes . . . work with me here.

The zany cheeses seem like the very best for me. A caper or a hunk of black pepper for the pupils of the eye would be tasty. I also like the various ‘hairpieces’ and the tongue hanging out.

So if you are asked to contribute to a New Years Eve party, you don’t have to spend very much if you make each little chunk ‘o cheese a character. Broccoli faces as companions? I don't have a reproducible image, but I am particularly fond of the picture I saw of drunk hard boiled eggs. Besides the black eyes, there was a slash across the middle of the egg with a julienne stip of pepper hanging out. Each egg also had a conical hat made of hard salami. These drunk eggs would look right at home with the cheese chunks.

Via Happy Mundane


Chile said...

These projects look like they'd be fun for kids' parties. I'm generally too lazy to make my food look fancy (as you've probably noticed with my boring food pics). Heck, I don't even have serving plates, just the same ol' dinner plates.

I'm always amazed, Kate, at the variety of interesting stuff you find online.

katecontinued said...

Chile, that is a wonderful compliment. I thank you. I wanted to tell you that I think house hunting is one of the toughest experiences I have ever experienced. But, I am feeling more and more that December is supposed to be about turning within, digging out all kinds of stuff . . . it is what nature is doing. Why not us?