V141: Vote

California voters doing there thing today.

From the no for 98 website:

On June 3rd, Vote No on Prop 98, Vote Yes on 99

Two measures on the state ballot use the words eminent domain. But Prop 98 is a deceptive scheme financed by wealthy landlords that would eliminate rent control and make it easier to evict people from their homes to make way for new developments. 98 also has loopholes that would hurt our environment and increase taxpayer costs. There is only one that is true eminent domain reform - Prop. 99, which protects homeowners from eminent domain abuse. Here's why you should vote NO on 98 and YES on 99.

I need to take my mail-in ballot over to a polling place. I don't trust any voting process much anymore in this country.

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ecogeek said...

Over here in Michigan we passed the equivalent of your prop 99 two Novembers ago. I was pleased. And a little surprised, truth be told. Good luck with yours!