V144: Venerated Leader

Crunchy Chicken is a venerated leader in my sustainable challenge. My tribute to Crunchy Chicken is all about the unmentionables. I frankly think this is the finest of Crunchy Chicken’s contributions to me and to all of us. At our most intimate of daily living, using the toilet . . . and for women, dealing with menstruating – well, all the effluviums flowing from our bodies – is addressed with facts, humor and challenges.

I thank you Crunchy Chicken for helping me first contemplate and then finally give up toilet paper along with all of the other paper products in my home. In the first week of December I salvaged an old black flannel sheet set with holes and transformed it into almost 100 cloth wipes I individually hemmed using my trusty sewing machine. I have saved money, trees and manufacturing / packaging /distribution resource and economic costs and felt the satisfaction of breaking away from a taboo that was only recently created in our culture. After all, how many rolls of the Scott’s™ toilet paper were used by our pioneer forebears? Same question for products from Tampax™ and Kotex™. A commenter on your blog responded to all of the eeeuuw, and gross, and but what about the smell? . . . my husband? . . . blah, blah, blah with some chastisement about 90% of the world's population never used toilet paper and we should get over our bad selves.

Crunchy gave us that forum to stumble around, ask dumb questions admit total ignorance and still feel wonderful about the steps we are taking. I have deep respect for this woman that gives us this forum in a world filled with contempt for women and our concerns.

It made me your sister. This intimacy has touched me. Goods for Girls is a cause that bonds us intimately to a larger family of young African girls. I am going get out the trusty sewing to make some pads to send, since I more time than money. Stop by the Tribute to Crunchy Chicken site to donate to this universally unique cause or if you are a blogger wanting to participate in this effort to raise $5,000.

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Green Bean said...

I love reading everyone's take away from Crunchy. One consistent theme is that she gave us a community, a forum to talk to each other and figure things out, and a push. Great post.