Y170: YouTube

I admit that I have leaned more heavily on YouTube this year than I'd imagined I would. Sometimes it is simply fluff, filler . . . a substitute for my own material or research. Then again, I am so impressed by this medium. Just a couple of years ago videos on the internet were slow to load, choppy and largely a pain. Now it had changed for the better and I am awed by the ease of of exchanging information.

This month the Transition Towns piece in particular, and it was one of a myriad on this theme, ranked high as video education, guidance and inspiration It is a good example of something that is better to see and hear directly than my summary or analysis of the information.

If this format is negative for my visitors, I am curious. Let me know if viewing YouTube is preferable or not whether it is comic relief, video education or guidance-inspiration. Now here is something that is definately comic relief.

H/t Todd @ Shakesville


Rosa said...

I like the Youtube videos but I don't always get to watch them because we're not supposed to do streaming video at work.

But this reminded me that what we mostly use Youtube for is checking out new music before getting it at the library or venturing into the Electric Fetus to actually drop some cash (I'm still old school with the CDs, no iPod & mostly music from the stero, not the computer.)

And I thought - I bet you'd like Spearhead, if you don't listen to him already. I know you like Yo La Tengo and Arrested Development.

So I looked for YouTube of some of his songs, and the videos are mostly pretty crappy.

But you can listen to some of his stuff for free on the left right side of this page -http://www.spearheadvibrations.com/tourdates.php

katecontinued said...

Rosa, that reminds me. I always forget to write NSFW on some of my things.

I have to chuckle about "I'm still old school with the CDs' . . .

I have no CD player, have never bought a CD. That, dear Rosa, is old school. Go ahead, point and laugh. It is kind of amazing.

I rarely go to YouTube for music, mostly commedy or people talking. This was an exception because the juxtaposition of the muppets and those lyrics cracked me up.

But, I will check out the music you suggested.

katecontinued said...

You're right, Rosa, I liked Spearhead. But, I must be challenged in some way because the only free music I could find was on the right side of the page.

Rosa said...

no, that's my challenge - notice it says left right? I meant top right. I'm glad you like him - that album, Yell Fire! got me through some rough months last winter. His older stuff is good too, and he was in Disposable Masters of HipHoprisy, which was great but mostly not cheerful

I was only partly joking (I am, just barely, old enough to have owned mix tapes on cassette). In my cube farm, there are only three or four of us with CDs. Everyone else listens to MP3s.

Beany said...

I usually have to save your posts for weekends because many of the video sites are blocked at work. I don't spend much time on video site beyond what the bloggers point me to.

I too am amazed at how the entire world is opening up simply through this one medium. The video on goonj was very compelling.