Y169: You thought poop from cruise ships was bad . . .

Ship to Nowehere
From Collateral News
This week's story fits perfectly with what we've learned about Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay: According to UK-based human rights organization 'Reprieve' the U.S. has used navy ships acting as prisons throughout the world. Some accounts indicate that the abuse suffered on these ships was worse than that suffered in Guantanamo.

Crunchy Chicken had a post about Fun Cruises that focused on poop in the water. We can have a lot of pearl clutching about nasty environmental practices for luxury liners, while simultaneously be pushing back against Myths America. The American Empire is torturing and killing around the world – and on the high seas. There is a place for our outrage, blogging and activism across all levels of our efforts to lead conscious lives. Poop to politics isn't really a leap.

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