F229: Flowers and Fudge in the Campaign

I had a fantastic community experience this morning. I hosted a meet and greet at my trailer park from 10 am - noon. It was to meet a new candidate for the city council race in my town. I met this woman some weeks ago when she contacted me. She'd seen one of my newsletters and wanted to use some images in a town council newsletter. (Note: This community I live in is one of 5 who incorporated in 1986 to form one community.) This candidate is a president of one of those.

She wasn't the only guest, as I'd asked an two other incumbent council members to come to speak to the residents of my park. One of the councilwomen is up for re-election and the other is in for another year. What is vital is that the three candidates are all different in their approaches and their special issues, yet united in their opposition to the developer-driven, underhanded politics dominating our city council right now. These three women could transform our community. They all believe in open space, sustainability and transparent government. Our beach community is becoming overbuilt, it is overpriced and falling apart at the infrastructure core. Like millions of communities all across the country.

What has sold me completely is what happened at the end. We'd taken a tour of the park, made introductions all around, the candidates spoke, we questioned, we spoke of specifics regarding mobile home parks and then I got gifts from the new candidate. Home made fudge from one of her volunteer staff and flowers from this same volunteer's garden. The tag on the flowers has her 'tag line' - "We can do it better." On the back side it says,
Optimism 2008
Through our united knowledge, truth and continually expanding friendship; the force of democratic process will prevail. In November we will achieve local government that we can trust.

Language of Flowers
  • Alstromeria & Yellow Roses - Friendship
  • White Rose - Unity
  • White Carnation - Democracy
  • White Chrysanthemum - Optimism, Truth
  • Ivy - Trust, Tenacity
  • Laurel - Achievement
  • Sage - Wisdom

I am duly impressed. This is one fine candidate.


Melinda said...

That is an awesome story! So cool. I'm totally impressed with all that you're doing. And what an amazing candidate! Wish I could vote for her!

katecontinued said...

I wish you could be here to vote for her too. Besides, I would love to have the kind of validation you are so good at giving.

I keep thinking about what you wrote about 50% of the people. I was so bummed that only half a dozen neighbors showed up. One was my son, who I insisted give me a hand and another was a neighbor who volunteered because she felt she hadn't donated enough, the manager couple who had to reiterate they only attended to support me (?)and a couple of others who the candidates bumped into - thereby compelling them to join in. I can't think of an attendee who came because they felt as a citizen they should now who is running.

Zip - Zilch - Nada. *sigh*

katecontinued said...

That should read - know who is running.

I need to be careful as I have never in my life known anything about the city council where I have lived. It is just that the times feel so dire and such little effort would change so much. *sigh*

katecontinued said...

Oh, and I just want to say to the world that I am sick of taking crap pictures. I seem to be getting worse rather than better.