D207: Demolition with Care

Japanese company Kajima Corporation is using a building demolition method called daruma-otoshi in which they replace the support columns on the bottom floor with huge computer-controlled jacks. They dismantle the entire bottom floor, then lower the building floor-by-floor!

Can’t imagine American construction crews getting away from blowing shit up or bulldozing buildings into rubble. It seems part of the national psyche to destroy.

My town has just passed an ordinance that it is mandatory to recycle materials in demolition. I don't have the exact wording at hand. Anyway, this video caught my eye and I was astounded at the alternative to blasting something into smithereens. (What is a smithereen? [Irish Gaelic smidir─źn] Asked and answered. I love internet.)

Additional posting to come today.

h/t Neatorama

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