D206: Design for Resilience - with Drama & Style, con’t.

I can also count on Grist and Treehugger for Design solutions I’d never find in mainstream sources. Grist led me to this Cargo Cycling site for some really impressive innovations. This one deals with both water filtration and with transportation and hauling. The design is intended for the developing world. I believe we who think in terms of sustainability and resiliency can appreciate the applicability right now.

Anyone who has visited make-a-(green) plan knows, I am a huge fan of well designed small spaces. This one in Hong Kong is a home on a bike, 3’ x 4’!


Rosa said...

The bikehouse is so cute! And it wouldn't be so hard to make the foot foldout have an accordion cover, instead of just being open.

That reminds me of the art shanty project. One of the Art Shanties doubles as a tonal drum, and it was in our May Day parade this year being played by a number of drummers. I am not sure how it was powered, though.

katecontinued said...

Do you have any photos, Rosa? Send me a link if you do.

Great idea with the accordian door. I was feeling that was such a vulnerable spot. I could never let my legs hang out while sleeping, creepy.

Rosa said...

I haven't uploaded most of my MayDay photos, but when I do I will send you a link -i'm pretty sure I got a good shanty picture.

BUT I've been meaning to send you this photo of our friend's house - I love the colors, and check out how nice the water barrel looks.


katecontinued said...

Your friends even took real pains to build that curved foundation to work with the existing foundation. Very nice. Thanks, Rosa, for taking the time to link.

I love bold colors for the Midwest. The long months of greyness and no vegetation were painful to me - the first half of my life. And, the killer part is paint is the cheapest thing we can do to transform our lives. Broken record here. Sorry.