B194: Bill Moyers Hero

My general feeling about old white men aside, I have yet another old white man I want to honor as a remarkable individual. Bill Moyers is a hero in today’s corporate media. He came back out of retirement to host the Bill Moyers Journal on PBS. I watch this program at my computer every week. This last week his program focused on banking.

THE JOURNAL travels to ground zero of the mortgage meltdown — Cleveland, Ohio. Correspondent Rick Karr takes viewers to Slavic Village, one of the hardest hit neighborhoods in the nation when it comes to the spate of foreclosures caused by the subprime mortgage crisis.

Veteran journalist William Greider on the current financial crisis and what he calls "the great deflation of Wall Street."

Besides the resources I cited earlier this week, I want to shout out to the world, WATCH THIS NOW! It is both frightening and encouraging to hear real information with a committed and sincere and rational journalist interviewing an intelligent guest.

This is one video link I offer up that is no doubt work safe. Keep it on in the background, whatever. Just so you hear some of this basic information about usury in America.

So, watch this now.

Portrait by Americans Who Tell the Truth project creator Robert Shetterly.

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