Z179: ZOMG

I read the word for months and months and finally looked to Urban Dictionary for an idea of the origin.
zOMG is a varient of the all-too-popular acronym "OMG", meaning "Oh My God".

The "z" was originally a mistake while attempting to hit the shift key with the left hand, and type "OMG"

Also used in all-caps, 'ZOMG' is generally used in a sarcastic manner, more often than not a humiliating fashion. It is also used as a device for stating the obvious.

I love this aspect of language now. How funny that the lazy little finger error gets absorbed into language. Another example of this is ‘teh’ for the. These words are great examples of how there’s hardly a thing that can’t be incorporated into life, life’s experiences, in a way that can be useful.

The down side of this same phenomenon is the degree of ignorance, corruption, hate, lies and destruction that can be absorbed by culture. The dominant culture absorbs Myths America with vigor, sleeping through obscene abuses against the constitution, environment and human rights while leaping to the dog whistles that call out the hysteria. These whistles trigger racism, homophobia, misogyny and a boatload of jingoist nonsense.

One such example is the misogynist way a male commenter (or journalist or television anchor, etc.) will rip into a feminist essay, post or article. The socially sanctioned response is for the author to then defend each point and debunk the critic’s arguments.

I would much rather read this:

Instead of you critiquing (scolding, yelling, accusing) me about my writing, you would do well to focus on your reading. Your lack of reading comprehension is the problem with which you are probably more familiar.

I read a local blog to keep up on community news. It is draining to read the hate-filled, dismissive invectives when something is written about the public good, the environment or any progressive item. Capital letters, misspellings are the hallmark of hysteria defense of the status quo or consumerism. It isn’t good enough for business to have a part in our community, the ‘ZOMG your stupid’ hoards flog any idea not sanctioned by the bosses.

I have written this before, but it bears repeating. Portly Dyke at Shakesville suggests the following elegant, declarative statement when countering these ‘ZOMG your stupid’ guys.

"No. That is factually incorrect, and I believe that you know that it's factually incorrect."

Today is July 4th and my listening to Democracy Now’s edition where actors are reading from Howard Zinn’s “People’s History of the United Stateswill be the high point of the day. I am reading this book now.

Update: I feel the need to embed this Howard Zinn video again on my blog - on this 'independence day' Friday. Animated video of People's History of American Empire (voiceover by Viggo Mortensen). This Empire book is his newest one.

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