B192: Bike

I have been saying for some time that I need to bike and walk rather than drive my truck. I did give the truck to my son. This week he learned from a neighbor how to repair the water pump. It is not the radiator as the mechanics said, it was the water pump. For $52 and a morning with a knowledgeable guy willing to share his tools and skill, my son fixed the truck. Yea.

Taking inspiration from Beth Terry at Fake Plastic Fish, I added a bike to my wish list. I looked up the bike she blogged about on July 2 and found an electric version I now want. I even went so far as to find a local dealer just 1.41 miles away.

The comfort and ease of riding combined with the convenience, utility and environmental friendliness of electric assist. Featuring Pedal Activated Power assist when pedaling or no-pedaling-required throttle control.
Average Retail Price $1,070

Well, I wrote that and then went to the shop. They didn't have the bike in stock and when the man in charge checked he found that it is no longer available. Apparently there is a new model, The Twist, that will be replacing this model. It has to do with this technology changing so rapidly. I was told this model was the best buy for the money and that there are a lot of awful products out there.

Riot for Austerity challenge numbers aside, it is all moot for now. First of all I am in such miserable shape I am a winded, sweating and heart pounding wreck just walking a couple of blocks. I need to build up to a bike. Second, I'd hoped to get a bike paid for by my son when he sold his car. Alas, his car brought in only enough to pay off the loan so neither of us have the money for my bike. That's okay I can wait. It will happen.

Pop Quiz
How far can the average person bicycle on the energy contained in a gallon of gasoline?
a) around 50 miles
b) around 240 miles
c) around 630 miles

While you are thinking, here are some great photos I have been collecting of bicycles around the world used to do real work. (Excuse random photo placement, I am all thumbs today). We have it so easy compared to these people who are grappling with some serious loads.

Answer: C. A gallon of gasoline contains about 31,000 calories, and "Bicycles can travel at least 10 times farther on a given amount of energy than the most efficient car," according to Nicholas Goddard, a graduate of Duke University who decided to see just how far he could bike on 31,000 calories. He rode the 633 miles over eight days, eating a wide range of foods, including "two Gatorades, five ham-and-cheese sandwiches, a steak burrito from Cosmic Cantina, a glass of sangria, a quesadilla, chips and salsa, and a pint of beer."

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