D204: Design for Resilience - with Drama & Style

I can count on Inhabitat to bring me design concepts that apply to sustainable living. This one by designer Mattieu Lehanner was an art exhibition and hasn’t been priced for production. Mr. Lehanneur also created home air purification designs using plants. But, I derive my pleasure from exploring my own imagination, my own notions of how it would fit or not in my own life and thinking about this as a design solution for some population. I hack, if only in my imagination.

For me the real appeal is that I relate it to my own daydreams of retrofitting the acres and acres of grocery stores into local hydroponic food growing centers.

Yes, it is a big stretch if you are a literal thinker. I suspect I have lost most literal minded blog readers with my many design offerings. See, it never occurs to me to think of most of these products as something to buy. Sorry, designers . . . I don’t have income or inclination to get more stuff, unless it can really transform my life. But, I am always interested in problem solving.

And the heart and soul of design for me is problem solving. There is no reason that a good idea in sustainable living has to be executed without consideration to scale, connections, proportion, maintenance, balance, relationship to surroundings, cohesion, texture, finish, color, etc.

Look at these gorgeous pieces and forget about the eels. Sheesh.

Watch a video here at Gear Crave.

But imagine the future. Here is the simple concept of living in a small urban space without any yard, balcony or place to grow food. With a room where there is only space for the couch and coffee table, voilà! A garden and a fish supply. Okay, grow lights may be required if this poor person also has no sunlight. With a bit more design and development the concepts can all lead to at-home water purification, food growing, oxygen producing, carbon dioxide reduction and fish for supper. And, it needn’t look like a set for Blade Runner.


Melinda said...

I'm having a hard time forgetting about the eels... a really hard time...

But you're totally right. We're gardening on our fire escape, and we've already harvested a bit. We have enough light to start growing food indoors as well - I'll probably experiment with that soon - maybe over the winter. I believe it was Chile, who overwintered her tomatoes indoors? Great idea!

And I like the idea of incorporating into the apartment. Our apartment is small, but fairly stylized, so I've been wondering how to create a hip(ish) place for indoor veggies and seedlings.

katecontinued said...

That would be so fantastic, Melinda. The eels thing made me laugh. It was my son's reaction today too.

To this day I think of "Tin Drum" scene by Günter Grass when they pulled a horse's head from the water and it was filled with eels. A method used to catch eels. In the novel the mother dies from being forced to eat eels. Eeeuuww. It has been 30 years and it is still vividly associates eels and Günter Grass.

Rosa said...

it would work better as a big aquarium/self-watering container if the plant's roots were allowed to grow down into the fish water.