B189: Blogging Mastery?

I followed a blogaround™ link from Shakesville
to Blue Gal. I thank her for embedding this Ira Glass video. She says it best, “This is why I blog every. single. day.”

I would love to get better at writing. Devoting enough time and care is critical to improvement. Like fitness and other good habits I want to incorporate into my life, I need to write as consistently as I can to develop.

I am a very big fan of Ira Glass and have been for years. It is the only aspect of my decades long NPR habit I actually suffered from ending. So, I found This American Life on the internet. I often listen via my computer to Chicago Public Radio’s streaming of This American Life archives when I want to stop my mind from racing around in circles as I am going to sleep. Ira Glass and his colleagues all have such inimitable voices, I am mesmerized.

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