O101: Old White Men

This is one group of human beings I personally feel would be the best to sacrifice for a better tomorrow. I include a few more choice descriptors that I didn’t want to jam into a dinky title:
  1. rich
  2. christian
  3. straight

I don’t want to let the Pope off the hook or all those Rethuglican congress men – so the straight part refers more to all this gang who are intolerant of sexual orientation regardless if they are closeted.

This essay is based on that water element, intuitive feelings. I will not cite studies, sources, historic record or the words of those more recognized than my own. I am making an observation.

As a group, old white men have stolen more lives, good will, freedom, health, self-respect and wealth from all civilizations in millennia. Holding power and wealth over others seem the only requisites for the official old white man of government, church, military or boardroom.

Compare and contrast this with the rest of the world population, humans of all ages, genders and locale. In comparison this tiny shit stain of old white men in power, is a negligible number within the world population of human life, vital human life.

First and foremost in my mind are women. Women of all colors and income levels are where I start. Women bear children. Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and little girls throughout history have had to learn and do all things necessary to hold together families – especially when systems break down. Skill sets include securing food and feeding groups. Producing clothing and consumer goods for the creation of home fronts comes next. Care giving for all ages is next. (You know, the thing that women were burned as witches for doing by the old white men of the church). And the ability of women to work in a collaborative environment has been verified in studies within the social sciences for decades.

Transition challenge: Old white women from money are so very often just old white men without the genitals. It will be time to put up or shut the fuck up. Do you know fuck-all. old woman? Are you just sleep walking? Can you grow food, make clothing, generate power, build things with existing parts, care for the sick, produce medicines, teach or inspire? It isn’t that complex. Sorry. My rules.

Old white men not only can’t bear children, they aren’t needed to create children or satisfy women. They are nowhere in the equation. Remove Viagra from the world and they are forced to acknowledge that monumental lack. And old white men from great wealth are traditionally useless at caring for others or feeding and clothing anyone if a checkbook, credit card or paper money is not involved.

Speaking of children, children are as a group of humans along with women, represent the 90% of beings most affected by war in any land at any time. This is just a fact that said old white men in charge of these wars, blessing the sanctity of these wars, profiting from these wars or reporting these wars do not want publicized. But, it is true and it doesn’t take a google event to bump into rape, death, starvation and disfigurement in any given zone around the world where the US old white men have attacked in the name of ‘democracy.’ Fucking liars.

Around the world children are enslaved for Americans to have cheap stuff. In this country, the richest country on earth, children are starving, struggling and dying. And, oh yeah, millions of children were left behind on the destroyed educational system of this administration and the last. And sweet Jesus, American children are getting more and more dumbed-down, drugged, down-sized plus down and out. Declining intelligence, health, curiosity, opportunity, nutrition and sense of the natural world are obvious in pop culture and observing America’s children. We must reclaim and reanimate these young lives if the future is to be more than a sleeping, shambling, distracted yet volatile slave class.

To be clear, just one child is worth all the old white men in all of the American media circus. I am talking owners, ‘editors / journalists’ (have to be in quotes) and all levels of media. Please, pretty please, start with the old millionaire fucks in front of the cameras and planted in front of microphones. Gone – poof. Damn, just the image of the fresh air that could replace these flaccid old faces, voices is orgasmic. I refuse to even type the names of these vile pig Village pukes. They are without worth in any galaxy. No use whatsoever.

The vast majority of men of color from all over the world have most often been denied positions of power within the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the G8 and other positions representing the top tiny fraction of global power positions. Exceptions exist, but stay with me on this one. Men of color who make millions, play with the old white men rules and attitudes are really old white men with pigment. Dictators, Puppets, Preachers, a Supreme Court Judge or General here and there are all old white men with pigment. Sorry. My rules.

This majority of men of color around the world were the slaves of past centuries and continue to be. But first I want to speak to the thousands and thousands of men in Gitmo, Abu Ghraib and black sites all over the world. This is indeed the number one reason for the old white men in the White House to be tried as war criminals today. There is no excuse in the world that is good enough for why this has not been done yet.

Mexicans who have come into this country have been enslaved in countless situations in the workplace and most recently in the secret prison complex build since 2001 by this Administration. And, of course it isn’t just men as women and children are not protected in any way from the illegal activities of ICE, in the name of this corrupt US government. The new enemy to hate and fear for the racists in charge are the ‘illegal aliens.’ Every Mexican is painted with this label regardless of reality.

It is sad that the above was based on a similar thought process. The thought process is us and them. It only divides us. If we are to annihilate anyone, it should really be this tiny flaccid crew who have made everyone who is “Not Them” the enemy, the slave, the adjunct the lesser. This tiny mistake in humanity has with corruption, lies, murder and fortunes convinced millions that our enemies are: young, or female, or brown skinned, atheist / muslim and gay.

  • Old versus Young
  • Men versus Women
  • White versus ANY AND ALL COLOR
  • Rich versus EVERYONE ELSE
  • Straight versus EVERYONE ELSE

Fuck that. Let’s just get rid of them and listen to the young, to women, to people of color (be still white person), to humanity without bringing anyone’s religion or lack of religion into the discussion. And basic human rights mean that LGBTQ citizens are next in line. Time to pony up on basic human rights.

Of the people, by the people, for the people, mother fucker.

This is my new favorite curse word. If anyone has been most guilty of fucking mothers it is this poisonous crew of old-white-rich-christian-straight-men.

I am listening to you little Native American /Latino/African American/ Asian / Middle Eastern lesbian atheist from the rural areas. It is your turn, sister.

(I am very angry. I am going outside to dig in the dirt.)

Ironic Update: It seems one of my favorite bloggers, Greenpa of Little Blog in the Woods, has the same outrage I am experiencing. Unlike my post awash in emotion, he pulls in some real facts, and political action steps. I am grateful for this lovely old white man. I suspect he would agree with a great deal of my rant.

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