O102: Optimism, Opportunity

Well, just to show that I know how idiotic my last post is in the real world (though I hold out for science fiction), Al Gore is an old, rich, white, straight, christian man who is doing good work on a global level. Generalizations always bite people in the butt. Always.

Al Gore is again lifting me up with hope, if not joy. He makes smart and committed seem like something worthwhile again.

TED is the Technology Entertainment and Design group that has been around since 1984. Their website is worth browsing.


Raw Food Diva said...

I think he is having a way better time with his life then he ever would have if he had become president.

daharja said...

Hi - I'd like to be inspired by Gore, but I've lost track of the number of politicians who become 'Green' AFTER they leave/get booted from office.

If it mattered so much to them, why didn't they walk the walk and talk the talk when they were in office?

I know - I sound so cynical saying it, but it is true.

Our planet needs politicians who will force ecologically powerful legislation through WHILE they have the power, not once they're gone from office.

katecontinued said...

Raw food diva - I am convinced elected office was not where this man belongs. He needs to be in the world at large.

Daharja - I couldn't agree with you more. I don't think it is cynical either.