M88: Misogyny

About this time in 2005 I watched the HBO movie, Left of the Dial, about the launch of Air America Radio. In this movie Randi Rhodes was an embarrassment. She pouted, posed and postulated that she was indeed the only radio professional and Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo and others should not be accorded the public relations spotlight. It was difficult to watch. When I started listening to Air America, streaming on my computer, I found Randi Rhodes one of my least favorite dj’s, but I listened to her every day in the build-up to the 2006. I was pissed and Randi worked it for me.

Even so, it was tough. As a feminist I found her a misogynist. She was constantly putting women down for the way they looked. She led the way in describing Ann Coulter as a tranny. Randi wasn’t the only misogynist. It was everywhere on Air America. She also made racist remarks and became incensed when called out. With her 3-4 hour bully pulpit she would hold court with sycophants who called in to the show (as most talk radio hosts seem to do) and treat any opposing opinion with ridicule and rudeness. For a long time now I have not been able to listen to her on Air America.

Her suspension at Air America this week is mild compared to what I think her ugly and non-progressive rants deserved. When so-called progressive, liberal spokespeople become hate filled leftist versions of the right it is the death of liberty and human rights. Fuck you Randi.

The post at Shakesville yesterday was well written (of course) and the comments were a real eye opener for the Air America personalities if they were to read them. Sadly, so many progressive blogs are just as guilty of misogyny as Air America and the corporate networks. In fact, I have tolerated a great deal over the years because I grew tired of being vigilant. I wearied in my resolution to live my life true to my belief systems when all around me there seemed to be so little support.

That is over. Visiting Shakesville daily in the last several years has given me hope and renewal. Melissa and so many others help me see that our solitary voices are important. For me the money line in Melissa’s post was this.
Congratulations, Randi Rhodes: You're as hip as Phyllis Schlafly.
I almost always forget to mention I am not a supporter of Hillary Clinton. I am also not an Obama supporter. I will reiterate that I am not interested in this media, culture obscenity of a campaign. I will give this my couple minutes of attention at the election in November. Prior to that my interests are more grassroots, netroots and sustainability.


Raw Food Diva said...

agree with ya girl! I wrote the station when I heard her call clinton a ho, and asked that she be fired.
Rhodes is all that you described.
I have another blog where I do news and wrote about her:

katecontinued said...

We are not alone. But those who have taken over the public airways like this kind of crap, so the show goes on. Randi might get more of a penalty because penalizing women more harshly (for the same things men walk away from) is more newsworthy. Remember Martha Stewart . . .