P108: Power Harvesting

Today I wish that I could wrangle some power and energy out of the skies. I just had to post this wonderful image. My neighbor emailed a power point presentation with this as the last slide. I suspect it is an AOL thing as this is a popular format for AOL. At any rate, I think this picture is wonderfully empowering (pun not deliberate).

Update: I do love this image, but I confess I have been fighting an urge and I can't be silent any longer. Did anyone else notice the old woman is doing all the work and the old white man is grasping all the power with an expression of patriarchal entitlement and privilege? The old white men as high profile for slave masters and undeserved recipients of earth's bounty is seared into me.

I know I can create a heartwarming story to fit the images of these two that bespeak shared love and labor - without the taint of all recorded history. But I won't today.

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